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Why UR'S

The main forte of URS Consultants lies on the twin factors indicated below:

•Ability to evaluate and fuse the accumulated experience into the current solutions, and
•Willingness to keep ourselves abreast with the international trends, practices and techniques in our profession and amending them   to suit the Indian conditions.

These factors enable URS to sustain their professional lead in the recruitment market. Our commitment to both companies and their potential employees is to ensure guaranteed quality and reliability.
URS Consultants is one of the most preferred recruitment partners on account of the following:

•We have direct experience and knowledge of all the sectors we operate;
•Our dynamic recruitment practices ensure the best results;
•We have an efficient operational system in place that expedites the recruitment process so that, our clients get their employees in   fastest possible time;

•Our sourcing team can locate swiftly and efficiently any given skill set for permanent and temporary recruitment;
•Our service charges are extremely competitive without even a minor compromise on the quality.