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About Us

URS Consultants offer HR solutions at all hierarchical levels.
URS had commenced its operations in the new millennium year 2002. Since then, we function in perfect sync with our growing clientele by providing the right candidates for the right jobs.

This is possible because, the professional edifice of URS is built on a foundation of an extensive understanding of the operational profile of Indian recruitment industry.

At URS, we understand the pertinence of human resources in the growth of any company and this sensitivity is reflected in every aspect of our recruitment process that includes advertisement copy, pre-interview filtering, interview process, and the final selection.

The care we take, for each step denoted above also based on another dictum we believe in, that is, long term association is mutually more substantially beneficial than a short lived contact. Hence we have applied our mind, experiential knowledge and the vast resources to evolve an ideal evaluation system and selection process that would ensure that client gets the most suitable employee for meeting their job requirements.

URS Consultants is based in Bangalore, India and is in the process of spreading its operations to other parts of the Nation. However, location does not limit our pan Indian accessibility and resource utilization. That is the chief reason why our clientele is read like a ‘who’s who’ in Indian Industry.